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National park village Andau


The isolated National park village of Andau is situated in the heart of the " Puszta of the Burgenland". All around there is an endless expanse of nature. This plain is used for agriculture thanks to the mild climate of the region. Many varieties of vegetable are grown in the many fertile fields as well as traditional vine cultivation.
This region is a top destination for all biking and hiking fans. The peace and calm, the beautiful colours of the landscape and the clear, blue sky offer relaxation and a time to dream. The vast steppe-landscape of the Burgenland makes you feel absolute peace and complete relaxation.
Andau has a lot on offer for sports enthusiasts - biking, inline-skating, fishing, beach-volleyball, horse riding, tennis, table tennis and hiking. The Pußta-lake in summer is ideal for swimming, surfing, sailing, diving and relaxing.
A particular highlight of this area is the historically important "Brücke von Andau". This bridge can be seen from the panorama point on the border near the Einser-canal. In 1956, this village marked the end of the fear of thousands of refugees and became a symbol for liberty and security. This location became a meeting point of many international artists, who erected objects and sculptures as reminders of hope and humanity for refugees along this ancient route.
Burgenland is renowned for its vineyards. The wines of the Burgenland are of a very high quality thanks to the sunny climate of the region. In many taverns, “Heurigen” and wine inns you can taste the red wines and many traditional culinary delicacies.

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